Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing's Triskaidekaphobia soothes your irrational fears

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company is about to celebrate its 13th anniversary with the release of a new beer. Actually, the beer's release and the actual anniversary are still a few months away, but the beer and the celebration planning are already fermenting.

If you can get over your triskaidekaphobia (irrational fear of the number 13), and you posses some artistic talent, you might just win a case of beer and dinner for two.

Rande Reed, brewmaster at Snoqualmie Falls Brewing, has concocted a special beer to commemorate the brewery's 13th anniversary. The beer is named Triskaidekaphobia. Now they are looking for a label for the beer. That's where you aspiring artists come in.

I must admit that I have an irrational fear of my own. Not of spiders or confined spaces, but of 17 letter words. I don't have a problem with 19 letter words like antiparliamentarian or even 20 letter words like ultramicroscopically, but for some reason I dread 17 letter words like triskaidekaphobia. I hope you all can appreciate how terrifying I find it to write this post.

Here's the contest information straight from Snoqualmie Falls Brewing's Facebook page:
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing will begin celebrating its 13th anniversary in December. Appropriate to the occasion, we will release a limited edition brew called Triskaidekaphobia, which means fear of the number 13. Of course, this will be a beautiful tripel. Part of this limited run will be bottled, and this is where you come in.

We need a special label for the brew, and unfortunately, we can only draw stick figures.

So, assuming the name will be Triskaidekaphobia, send us your best! We don’t need a full label as there are strict federal requirements for them. Just send us a drawing, painting or photograph we can reproduce, preferably including the word Triskaidekaphobia.

Helpful background information may be that for the 13th anniversary the traditional gift is lace; modern gifts are furs and textiles; flowers are hollyhock; and gems are moonstone, malachite and citrine. Yeah, we have no idea what those stones are either, but info is cheap on the net.

Remember, though- Fear of 13 is the overarching theme.

Most importantly, though, is that we at SFBC are unrepentant capitalists and so we need your label to attract attention and produce a grab. We need a great label that will earn us more money for the run than Bud makes in a year. Ooh, I can already hear the money rolling right in! At the same time we want it to be fun and quirky like Jones Soda.

Huh? What’s in it for you? Oh, how about a case of the limited brew, dinner for four at the Taproom and credit to you for the inspired artwork right on the label? Get on it, artsy types!

Questions? Call Dave Eiffert, co-owner at 425-894-7970

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