Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iron Horse Brewery Introduces 509 Style Ale

Iron Horse Brewing recently announced the release of its 509 Style Ale, a medium-bodied session beer. The 509 Style Ale is intended to pay homage to the farmers of the 509 area code who produce the ingredients used by the craft beer industry.

Here is the press release from Iron Horse:
Iron Horse Brewery Announces Release of 509 Style Ale

Ellensburg, Wa August 8,2010 - When Iron Horse Brewery sets out to create a beer, they like to think outside of the box. So, instead of taking traditional style guidelines and attempting to follow them, Iron Horse focuses on producing a unique and flavorful end result. Their newest release, 509 Style Ale, will replace their Rodeo Pale Ale. The original Rodeo Pale underwent so many slight revisions over the past three years, that it became a completely different beer; hence the new name.

Greg Parker, co-owner of Iron Horse Brewery, when commenting on the origins of the new name said, “We like people from the west side and respect their refined beer palates, but we wanted to salute the roots of our brewery, as well as the hops, malt and farmers that produce them.” He points out that, “509 style is made in the 509 (area code), with ingredients grown in the 509, and a flavor profile suitable to the 509. And while the greater population density rests in the western half of the state, we all owe gratitude to the fertile soil and farmers, growing hops and barley in the eastern half.”

509 Style Ale, a 5% ABV (alcohol by volume) session beer is a medium bodied, lightly-malty ale with medium hop presence, that finishes exceedingly smoothly....
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