Thursday, July 22, 2010

Local Rockstar's Beer Now in Bottles

Whip Ale, which hit the market last December in its draft form, is now available in 22 oz. bottles. You should start seeing bottles of Whip Ale at local bottle shops and at better beer retailers in the coming weeks. Read our previous posts about Whip Ale.

As we reported last December, Whip Ale is a Pale Ale developed under the direction of Michael "Whip" Wilton, guitarist for Queensryche. Last year Wilton approached Everett's Lazy Boy Brewing, expressing an interest in developing his own, unique craft beer. Working with head brewer Shawn Loring, Wilton formulated Whip Ale, a Pale Ale described (quite accurately, I might add) as “Bold, rich, and aromatic – smooth and well flavored."

Whip Ale quickly became popular, with beer geeks and rockers alike. To keep up with demand, Wilton had to change breweries in April. Whip Ale is now brewed by Diamond Knot Brewing in Mukilteo. It's the same great beer but it's brewed by a different brewery.

Last week Diamond Knot bottled a batch of Whip Ale for the first time and it is now moving through distribution channels. Whip Ale could start showing up on the shelves as early as next week. If your local beer retailer doesn't stock it, tell them that they should.

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